2003 / 2007

Le Quai Theatre

Public facilities / Culture

Drama and dance complex: 971-seat capacity auditorium, 400-seat capacity auditorium, drama and dance studio, restaurant.

«Le Quai» theatre is Angers’ vector of cultural dynamism, it is a major facilty within the city and region. Developed around the triptych “creation, training, urban animation” trend, the theatre’s architecture enhances urbanity. This connecting architecture strengthens the links between peformance, the dance studio and the city itself.

Well-rounded, delicate and colorful, Le Quai gladly opens up to the world, the city and its immediate surroundings, but most importantly to the artists and overall general public.

The forum, with its two monumental gates opening on to the square have become the symbol of the building. This vast volume can host 2 5000 rooms. It is a unique spot in France thanks to the culture and social interaction it creates, leading to amazing forms of entertainment within the city. From this urban antechamber, the public can access the galeries that lead to the two theaters, through a heavily pierced thick concrete wall offering framed views onto the Forum and the city.

Contractiong authority : City of Angers
Architect : Architecture-Studio
Engineering: Terrell Technologies
Stage designer: Theatre Project Consultants
Acoustics: Acoustique Vivié
Lighting designer: 8’18
Quantity surveyor: Eco Cités
Assignment: full design and works supervision
Surface Area: 16,500 sqm
Competition: 2003, winner
Completion: 2007

Angers , France

Le Quai Theatre

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