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2003 / 2007

"Le Quai" Theatre

Public facilities / Culture

Theatre of 971 seats, flexible auditorium of 400 seats, drama school and dance
school, restaurant.

"Le Quai" theatre is a major building for the town of Angiers and its region.This building is the vector of cultural dynamism which has been at work in Angiers for many years now.
Developed around the "creation, training, urban animation" trend, the theatre's architecture enhances urbanity and ensures the link between the town, performance areas and the two schools.

Contracting authority: City of Angers
Architect: AS.Architecture-Studio
Engineering: Technologies
Scenography: Theatre Projects Consultants
Acoustics: AVA
Lighting: L'Observatoire
Quantity surveyor: Eco-Cités
Scope of work: complete assignment
Area: 16,500 sqm
Cost: € 35 M before tax
Competition: 2003, winner
Completion: 2007

Angers , France

"Le Quai" Theatre

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