Jebel Hafeet Mountain Hotel

2010 / 2010

Jebel Hafeet Mountain Hotel

Hotels, Shops and Leisure / Interior design

Five-star hotel with 300 rooms and suites, spa, gym, tennis courts, shopping mall, bars and restaurants. 15 villas with swimming pools.

Jebel Hafeet world class 5* Hotel project is designed to enhance with harmony, the landscape and the environment. Simple, sustainable systems are given the highest priority in our design. Thus, the iconic project we are proposing reflects Al Ain geographical identity: A Belvedere offering beautiful views of the landscape around. Jebel Hafeet Hotel will be a world class destination for entertainment, relaxation and hospitality, together with a deep experience of Nature. Located along the main road leading to the highest point of Jabel Hafeet, the project emerges in the landscape. Pure sculptural architectural volumes embracing a world of luxurious vegetation and water rise in the cliff of Al Ain. This architectural landscape, with its noble local stone, creates a protected territory.
The architectural vocabulary is related to the limestone rocks of Jebel Hafeet weathered over million of years. It gives an idea of luxury and beauty reflected both in the interior and exterior. The project consists of a superposition of monolithic pure volumes, following the shapes of the natural rocks.
The hotel is conceived as a piece of sculpted stone from the mountain, using the limestone as the main building material. This manmade landscape belongs totally to the environment of Jebel Hafeet and is developed as a succession of pure volumes that offer the maximum of sights. The idea is to inhabit the mountain and in the same time to keep its genuine beauty.

Client: TMKN Properties
Architect and urban designer: Architecture-Studio
Engineering: Oger International
Quantity surveyor: BWS
Site area:: 1.8 ha
Built-up area : 20.000 sqm
International competition : 2010, Winner

Al Ain, United Arab Emirates

Jebel Hafeet Mountain Hotel

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