AS.Architecture-Studio École des Mines

1993 / 1995

Engineerting School of Mines

Education & Research

Laboratories (5,000 sqm), research centre for chemistry, energy, depollution, experimentation halls, administrative premises, library, function and students’ housing facilities, restaurant, gymnasium, amphitheatre and sports fields (rugby, football, etc..)

The Engineerting School of Mines of Albi draws its inspiration from the rich surrounding local tradition whilst expressing in a strong and contemporary way the modernist values usually found within Ecoles des Mines.

The school mixes both classical and modern references, a quest for balance between time and present, between history and modernity. This is an archetypal building that solves the faults that create self-sufficiency from the city and self-sufficiency of each function. The school follows the logic and continuity of the city of Albi.

Its internal organisation enables it to link up the different functions without a break (brick spindle perpendicular to the covered street with the forum in the centre, in close contact with the external gallery : the warp). The duality between the site’s culture: the thickness, massiveness of the city’s brick walls and the culture of the Ecole des Mines, the transformation of matter, and the development of new technologies, are the vehicle for a reflection and aesthetics that bring out significant, rich and stimulating oppositions, thus making it possible to define solutions that go beyond those stated by mere functionalism or regionalism.

Client: Contracting authority: Ministry of Industry and Foreign Trade, Public Works Directorate of Tarn Department
Architect: Architecture-Studio
Co-architect: G. Onesta
Engineering: Sogelerg Sogreah, Betem Engineering
Scope of work: complete assignment
Area: 35,000 sqm
Competition: 1993, winner
Completion: 1995

Albi-Carmaux, France

Engineerting School of Mines

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