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2006 / 2017

Abdali Gate mixed-use buildings

Towers / Housing / Office & Industry

Offices, retail, residential and undergroundcar parking

Abdali Gate complex is located at the heart of Amman, capital of Jordan. The new district, Abdali, is currently under development. It appears as one of the most exciting and ambitious projects in Amman. Complying with the district’s Master Plan, Architecture-Studio has designed two towers, which echo each other, together with 8-storey office and residential buildings. Both towers form a gate to the Abdali development on one of Amman’s main axis.They are designed in such a way that they are immediately visible in the cityscape. Their silhouettes bend towards each other.
One tower is made of pixelated glass and translucent marble facade, providing a refined envelope, while the second one is made of transparent and varying blue screen printed glass, reminding the changing reflects of water.
The façade of the 8-storey buildings are claddered with stone. Shops are located on the ground floor. On the upper storeys, the office areas follow a very flexible organisation, that offers a great advantage for sale or rental. The residential buildings open onto an inner garden and offer several ranges of apartments, all with balconies or terraces. A panoramic penthouse with a garden terrace is located on top of the office tower. At a lower level, on top of the 8-storey buildings, one can find landscaped terraces with swimming pools and several amenities. The terraces are shaded by an aluminium louver canopy that bends along the eastern facade to provide sun protection.

Client: Al Seraje Real Estate - Audeh Entreprise
Architect: Architecture-Studio
Area: 51 000 m²
Under construction

Amman, Jordan

Abdali Gate mixed-use buildings

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