Tours Abdali Gate - Campbell Gray Hotel & Campbell Gray Living

2006 / 2017

Abdali Gate mixed-use buildings

Towers / Housing / Office & Industry

Mixed-use development including hotel, offices, boutiques, restaurants, serviced and residential apartments.

The Abdali Gate complex is located at the very heart of Amman, capital of Jordan, in the spectacular new Abdali district which is currently under development. This project is one of the most exciting and ambitious projects in Amman. Complying with the district’s Master Plan, Architecture-Studio’s design includes two towers echoing each other and 8-storey office, hotel and residential buildings. The silhouettes of the two towers bend towards each other and form a gate which opens onto one of Amman’s main axis. Their remarkable design is immediately visible in the cityscape.

The towers are made of pixelated glass and translucent marble facade, creating a refined envelope reminding the changing reflects of water. The façade of the 8-storey buildings are claddered with stone. 4,200 square metres of boutiques and restaurants are distributed around the central garden and along the mains streets surrounding the building. The upper storeys house offices with private spaces and conference rooms, as well as landscaped pool terraces and rooftop restaurants. Terraces are shaded by an aluminium louver canopy that bends along the eastern facade to provide sun protection.

The residences at Campbell Gray Living are privately owned appartments designed to deliver comfort and contemporary living with an accent on elegance. They open onto an inner garden and house several ranges of apartments, all equipped with balconies or terraces. The Campbell Gray 5* Hotel contributes to the area's lively atmosphere. In the city’s most vibrant neighbourhood, this project introduces a new vision for contemporary luxury and lifestyle to the Jordanian capital.

Client: Al Seraje Real Estate - Audeh Entreprise
Architect: Architecture-Studio
Area: 51 000 sqm
Phase I completed in 2017
Phase II under construction

Amman, Jordan

Abdali Gate mixed-use buildings

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