Psychiatric Unit of Arras hospital centre

2001 / 2004

Aloïse Corbaz clinic


107-bed psychiatric department with three 24 hour-a-day multifunctional units including a locked block, a reception block and a high level care block, as well as a surgery block, activity premises, administrative premises and a cafeteria.

The architecture of Aloïse Corbaz psychiatric department aims at changing the image of psychiatric hospitals and at inserting them into the urban environment. The design of the building translates medical directions and subdivides various care units between the day shift and the night shift, in order to get the patients into learning the nycthemeral rhythm again, as well as human, social and time references. Rooms are located behind a protective, slightly curved envelope. During the day, the building opens onto its environment, irrigated by landscape gardens that stretch in the park of the hospital. The building offers changing and renewed perceptions to the patients and to the nursing staff. The building is surrounded by gardens, bathed in natural light. By its simple geometry, the architecture of the project mingles diversity and coherence. Regular curves follow the urban boulevard layout, while flexible curves fit in the landscape. The project uses this particular geometry which adapts itself to the brief requirements and to the topography of the site. Nowadays, the psychiatric hospital is a place of transition. Openness and protection have replaced imprisonment and supervision. To translate this contemporary vision of psychiatry, the building opens itself onto its environment. Inside the building, the halls, circulations and common areas are like living arteries that embody the movement of life for patients. Conceived as a walk ponctuated by multiple stations: cafeteria, living rooms, activities rooms, halls, gardens... the building encourages the patient’s relation with the exterior world and its movements and events.

Client: Arras Hospital Centre
Architect: Architecture-Studio
Engineering: Euro Ingénierie
Acoustics: AVA
Lighting: AARTILL
Quantity surveyor: Gay Puig
Surface area: 7,400 sqm
Competition: 2001, winner
Completion: 2004

Arras, France

Aloïse Corbaz clinic

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