Athènes 2004 Village olympique

2000 / 2004

Athens Olympic village

Public facilities / Sports facilities

Accommodation for 16,000 athletes, an international city (press centre, food and beverage areas, cultural centre, medical centre, worship areas) and training sports fields.

Situated at the foot of Mont Parnasse, twenty kilometers to the north of Athens, the Olympic Village sets out to redefine Aharnai and create a new urbain center.
It conciliates urbanity and effectiveness, which are essential for this great multi-activity center meanwhile giving great importance to the balance between public and training space, as well as the landscape.
It also conciliates history and modernity by assuring that the olympic village opens onto the plain of Athens and on the Acropolis.
Finally, it conciliates everything else: from the landscape to the avenue, from the avenue to the street, from the street to the alley, from the alley to the courtyard and to accomadation.
Made up of two distinct areas: the international city and residence zone, it offers a complex road network that opens up the site and connects different areas in order to establish effective links. At the heart of the islets, the incomplete «opus insertum» management is inspired by the cobbling designed by Pikionis, surrounding the Acropolis.
At the heart of the village that will welcome around 10 000 inhabitants after the games, the international city treated as a public square is a belvedere onto the village and the landscape.

In this meditarenean climate, the village combines energy management and water consumption, as well as natural ventilation of spaces and offers shelter from sunlight thanks to the ornamental trees that are planted along the roads and esplanades.

Contracting authority: Organisation Committee for Athens 2004 Olympic Games
Architect: Architecture-Studio
Co-architect: AAE
Area: 330,000 sqm
Scope of work: Standard
Competition: 2000, winner

Athens, Greece

Athens Olympic village

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