Siège Social Caisse d\'Epargne Aquitaine Poitou-Charentes

2013 / 2017

Caisse d'Epargne headquarters

Office & Industry

New Caisse d’Epargne headquarters of Aquitaine Poitou-Charentes

Within the extension of the Port de la Lune and facades of Tourny (listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site), the new headquarters of the CEAPC, called Atlantica, offers the city of Bordeaux a new face on the Garonne.
The main entrance will be through a new square defined by the building itself, the existing quay front Paludate and future HCEA (House of the Creative Economics of Aquitaine). The new site opens on the Garonne, like the historical squares of la Bourse or Quinconces.
The building geometry is in a prism. Ample inflections animate the building, as an evocation of the fluvial landscape. Large vegetated gaps break the linearity of the volume. Layers, folds and caesura give the whole building a contemporary aesthetic with clean lines, at human scale. The square is marked by a fine and long cap made by the reversal of the facades. A glass screen reveals the abundant inner life of a large urban office window across the city, facing the heart of Bordeaux.
The positive energy building (PEB) uses the inertia of the left apparent concrete to store and distribute energy that accumulates there. The transparent façade allows to provide natural light to the heart of the building and so reduce the need for artificial lighting. The pace of transparencies and opacities is generated from a parametric calculation: these elements vary according to the thickness of the building.

Contracting : Authority Bouygues Immobilier
Architect : Architecture-Studio
Project management coordinator : Artelia
Engineering : Khephren
Building Control : Socotec
Environnemental Engineer : Alto Ingénierie
Acoustics : LASA
Façade engineering : VS-A
Surface Area : 11 200 m²
Competition : 2013, winner
Completion : 2017

Bordeaux, France

Caisse d'Epargne headquarters

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