Al Nahr

2014 / 2018

Al Nahr Mixed use project

Hotels, Shops and Leisure / Housing / Office & Industry / Towers

Mixed use project which includes retails, offices, and residential units of varying sizes and car parking floors.

At the very heart of a developing neighbourhood of Beirut, the Al Nahr project stands out in the city by the legible architectural expression of its mixed use programme. The project benefits from the site's dual identity: on one side it features a 100-m high "urban filter" along the expressway following the Beirut River and on the other side, it creates a smooth transition towards a calm and green neighbourhood.

The different parts of the programme are organised in a complementary way: the lower part of the building hosting shops and car parking floors is topped by offices and its upper part is crowned by residential units.

Facing the quiet neighbourhood, suspended gardens are inserted between the different units of the project and contribute to its environmental dimension by reducing heat transmissions through the roofs. On the eastern side, natural light gives a silky effect to the “filter” façade which protect housing units and offices from sunlight and noise while offering stunning framed views onto the city and the surrounding mountains. The offices’ façades are shaded by vertical brise-soleils, and the housing units’ wide glazed bays open on shaded terraces.

In this changing neighbourhood, the Al Nahr project embodies the architectural and environmental renewal of the city of Beirut while offering at a small scale the desired diversity of an urban life.

Client: Al Nahr construction, développement & exploitation company
Client's representatives: Kopibat, Antoine Koyess & associates
Architect: Architecture-Studio
Landscape design: Francis Landscapes
Local consultant and Engineers: Samir Khairallah & Partners (structure & architecture), Pierre Dammous & Partners (fluids).
Surface area: 40 700 sqm including car parking floors
Completion: 2018

Beirut, Lebanon

Al Nahr Mixed use project

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