Théâtre National de Bahreïn

projects Description

2003 / 2012

National Theatre of Bahrain

Public facilities / Culture

National Theatre of the Kingdom of Bahrain (main auditorium of 1,001 seats, flexible auditorium of 150 seats and exhibition area)

The Kingdom of Bahrain, "the land of the two seas", features an insular landscape. The design of the National Theatre symbolises the union between Bahrain and the sea. The National Theatre is organised laround a void central space, in the manner of an Arabian palace. The patio turns here into a hall/foyer. The main auditorium is located in the middle of this majestic area.

Contracting authority: Kingdom of Bahrain, Ministry of Works
Ministry of Culture
Architect: AS.Architecture-Studio

Local Consultant: Atkins
Other consultants: Theatre Project Consultants ; SETEC Bâtiment; XU Acoustique; L'Observatoire
Project: 2003
Completion : 2013

Photos: Nicolas Buisson

Al-Manama, Bahrain

National Theatre of Bahrain