Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de Caen

2004 / 2009

University hospital


Unit for women, children and haematology treatments; 345 beds, paediatrics unit, gynecology-obstetrics unit, neonatalogy unit, haematology unit, operating theatre, newborn babies unit and pediatric emergencies

The women - children - haematology centre is an important stake for the Teaching Hospital of Caen. It is the opportunity to renew the hospital’s image by expressing the modernity and efficiency of the treatments, as well as the quality of reception for patients.

The access to the hospital has been reorganized and the entire hospital circuit has been rethought in line with the expansion that comprises of two new aisles: the nave and the medical care unit.

Adjoined to the existing Teaching Hospital is a fluid mass that is the nave. Crossed through that is a vast atrium comprising of the reception hall and the general admissions room where patients will receive a wide range of services and will be attended to.
All of the accomodation units are assembled within the four floors of the medical care aisle. it’s unit organization allows for an optimal functionality. Indeed, same field of activities are grouped on each level.

The construction of this women - children - haematology centre, in a hospital environment, bathed in natural light, offers a comfortable, pleasant and effective surrounding for all its users, be it patients, doctors or just visitors.

Client : University Hospital Center of Caen
Architect : Architecture-Studio
Contractor : Quille
Engineering : JACOBS
Assignment : Standard
Surface area : 36,000 sqm
Competition : 2004
Completion : 2009

Caen, France

University hospital

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