Development of Yuzhong peninsula

2002 / 2002

Urban Development of Yuzhong peninsula

Urban planning

Development of Yuzhong peninsula as a city centre. 

The site of Yuzhong peninsula is notable for its mountainous character. It lies within the limits of the river Yangzi and Jialing. We propose to interconnect these natural elements to the City through a strongly defined urban structure. This structure will provide a new image to the peninsula.

The design embodies the simple leaf. This provides both the symbol and the shape of the ideas we wish to develop. These are particularly appropriate for the area. The peninsula will be reflected in the image of a leaf on the water, the veins being the green pathways connecting the waters to the mountains.

A large constructed boulevard will connect the crests of the mountains around the upper area. The boulevard route will flow into the green pathways like a stream, with its flowing sap symbolizing life and nature within the confines of the peninsula.

This main boulevard will offer a panoramic view on the city, its green arteries and its river.

Contracting authority: Chongqing Urban Planning Bureau
Architect and urban designer: Architecture-Studio
Site area: 4,400,000 sqm
Competition: 2002, winner of the first phase (with two other teams)

Chongqing, China

Urban Development of Yuzhong peninsula

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