2006 / 2012

Paul Guiraud Hospital


Psychiatric hospital with 120 beds.

The great psychiatric evolutions of these last thirty years have allowed us to conceive the spaces required for a psychiatric hospital building.

Three requirements dictate how these spaces come to light: the best reception conditions for all, a treatment facility that highlights major developments in therapy, a synergy between the city and its urban and landscape setting.

Its design and shape allows this new building to be completely bathed in natural light, thus giving its offices several different characteristics.

The architecture maximises outdoor space usage. The undulating facade mirrors the flowing landscape of Trébignaud Avenue and paves the way for a series of green spaces including the square that opens up on Andras Beck street, the central patio, and the protected garden reserved for patients. These areas are located between the two parts of the main building.

The administration offices are implanted in the small wing. Accomodation is located on the main wing floors where day and night zones are clearly defined. The two central parts of the building are a landmark; one regroups the reception areas of each department, the other the healthcare areas.

Moreover, the building’s shape allows for the effective organisation of the departments into clear units and subunits, avoiding long paths for the staff and providing pleasant, defined areas for patients.

Contracting Authority: Etablissement public de santé Paul Guiraud
Architect: AS.Architecture-Studio
Engineering: Arcoba (all trades), Eco Cités (quantity surveyor and environmental quality)
Landscape: Babylone
Acoustic: Acoustic Vivié
Surface: 10, 600 sqm
Competition: 2006
Completion: 2012

Clamart, France

Paul Guiraud Hospital

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