Cheikh Khalifa new hospital

2008 / 2008

Cheikh Khalifa Hospital


280-bed hospital

AS.Architecture-Studio won the international competition organised by the Municipality of Abu Dhabi for the design of Cheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan specialised hospital in Casablanca. It constitutes an "ecological system" which will integrate cutting-edge technology, efficient organisation and comfortable envinronment for patients and staff. Its architecture is in line with nature and the urban environment.

Contracting authority: Cheikh Khalifa Foundation
Architect: Architecture-Studio
Engineering: Jacobs France
Quantity surveyor: Eco Cités
Acoustics: Acoustique Vivié
Scope of work: complete assignment
Area: 51,000 sqm
Competition: 2008, winner

Casablanca, Morocco

Cheikh Khalifa Hospital

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