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2015 / 2022

King Abdulaziz University Iconic Buildings

Education & Research

Architectural design of the King Abdulaziz University (KAU) Iconic Buildings: media centre, office buildings, exhibition hall, learning centre and parking area

KAU Iconic buildings aim at providing the university with a landmark gate on its main axis and, at the same time, structuring a transversal reading of the university master plan. It stands both as a contemporary strong signal identifying the university in Jeddah cityscape, and as an opportunity to restructure the university open spaces by offering a legible and strong link between the main axis and the southern part of the campus.

Alongside with the spatial building program, one of the design objectives is to accommodate shaded gardens, patios and galleries that irrigate the university. The concept of KAU iconic buildings originates from the idea of a wide open book, as an expression of spirituality, and spirituality as a way to knowledge.

The sand-colored metal sheets covering the umbrella roof and shading the building patios are perforated according to a calligraphy pattern, allowing light to infiltrate. The calligraphy is punctuated by photovoltaic cells to produce renewable solar energy.

The King Abdulaziz University provides open spaces on the ground level creating a dynamic, educative, pleasant and stimulating student environment, enhanced with a wide range of indoor spaces dedicated to activities and events, such as seminar facilities, meetings halls, exhibition spaces, movie spaces, learning centers, in synergy with the Ceremonial Hall.

Client: King Abdulaziz University
Architect: Architecture-Studio
Local consultant: EDGE Architects
Lighting design: SNAIK
Assignment: Full design
Area: 63 916 sqm
Commission: 2015
Status: Full design completed

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

King Abdulaziz University Iconic Buildings

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