Marbotte Plazza

2007 / 2010

Clémenceau and Marbotte Plaza office building

Office & Industry

Two office buildings

The office building programme of SCI Clémenceau Marbotte is located on Clémenceau development area around Dijon Convention Centre. The project conceived by Architecture Studio proposes a new, original approach for building design and construction within urban areas.

The project is designed as two independent buildings, Clémenceau and Marbotte plaza. The project is pebble-shaped and has no sharp angles. Thus, it generates a continuous public space that offers multiple movement possibilities throughout the site.  Between the two buildings, a «vegetal lake» was thought as a public area, where «Clemenceau Plaza» seems to be floating. The shape of Marbotte Plaza is aligned with the next building, that way, the construction is recovering the intial block plan’s lines.
Today, only Marbotte Plaza building is under construction.

The facade’s structure is mixed: its skin is made of wood and aluminium, and its structure of concrete. The wooden frames are placed on metalic squares and are compressing a thermic insulator, placed between the concrete and the frames.
Inside the facade, mineral wood and placo are insulating the building. The cladding makes windows waterproof . This way, the building has perfect external insulation, an economic and efficient solution which gives the construction performances good enough to reach the requirements. set by the High Environmental Quality label.

Client: SCI Clémenceau Marbotte LAZARD Groupe
Architect: Architecture-Studio
Engineering: Ingerop, Prelem
Quantity surveyor: Cyprium
Landscape: Babylone
Scope of work: complete assignment
Area: 13,900 sqm
Commission: 2007
Completion: 2010

Dijon , France

Clémenceau and Marbotte Plaza office building

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