Souria Towers

2008 / 2014

Souria Towers


Five star hotel, serviced apartments, offices and shopping mall in Damascus, Syria

The City of Damascus is currently going through an important time in its history. This can clearly be seen in its urban development. The Souria Towers project has been conceived to renew the image of the city, to bring a new architectural landscape and to stimulate urban life in general. It introduces modernity into Damascus’s renowned history by proposing, among other factors, highly comfortable and pleasant public areas. The towers are located several hundreds of metres away from Hejaz railway station and the university, at the crossing of major roads, not far from the city centre. The project is made up of two 260
meter high towers. On a surface of 260,000 sqm, the whole space is planned to contain a five-star hotel, an offi ce tower, a luxury shopping centre which includes a spa, a garden, cinemas and a conference centre. The towers maintain a close relationship with the city and the surrounding landscape. Thus Mount Kassioum and the towers complement each other. The towers stand out against the urban landscape and are visible from afar, as if they were the gateway to the city. The project proposes a wide shaded central square crossed by a pedestrian axis, linking the heart of the project to the city of Damascus. It will shelter the terrace with its restaurants and coffee houses. The structure and the façades of the towers perfectly coordinate and re-adapt the volumes, and the geometrically pure, refined patterns of the traditional mosaics of Damascus.

Client: Souria Holding
Architect: AS.Architecture-Studio
Area: 260,000 m²
Competition: 2008, winner
Completion: 2014

Damascus, Syria

Souria Towers

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