Boulevard commercial Lusail

2006 / 2006

Boulevard Commercial District

Urban planning

Urban development of the Commercial Boulevard District in Lusail.

Lusail is a new waterfront city, located 30 km north of Doha, the capital of Qatar. It covers an area of 35 million square metres, transforming the environment from its present arid condition to a modern concept of life. The Commercial Boulevard Master Plan aims to enhance its position as the major spine in the development of Lusail as well as create optimal outdoor conditions for shopping and leisure activities.

As one of Lusail’s major driving force for development, the Commercial Boulevard groups together an efficient transport network with a high quality pedestrian system. It benefits from proper shading and natural cooling that create the best conditions for pleasant outdoor shopping.

The Commercial Boulevard gives life to an urban landscape connecting the desert and the sea, from west to east. Taking into account the climatic conditions and the scale of the site, the project creates a microclimate through vegetation, trees and shaded shopping arcades situated on the buildings’ ground floors. The public spaces are brought to life thanks to the various cultural and leisure activities such as: coffeehouses, sculpture parks, rest areas, fountains, theatres, kiosks. Places that contribute to create a peaceful atmosphere that favours conviviality within the Boulevard.

Client: Qatari Diar Real Estate Development Company
Architect and urban designer: Architecture-Studio
Landscape designer: Michel Desvigne Paysagistes
Engineering: Certu (infrastructure)
Assignment: Full conception to detailed master plan, and architectural expression
Site area: 96 ha
Commission: 2006
Urban design studies: 2006-2007

Doha, Qatar

Boulevard Commercial District

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