Aménagement paysager des espaces publics

2010 / 2020

Design of public spaces

Urban planning

Urban and landscape design including a marina and a seafront promenade; streets, squares and boulevards; playgrounds and sports fields; an ecological park «Wadi Park».

The vision of this new city of Lusail is that of a “City-Park”, one that like oases, offers pleasant living conditions in a microclimate whereby desert temperatures are tempered with vegetation in the form of different sized «pockets».

The first phase of the project is the “Marina District” that comprises a marina, a 4 km seafront and 18 km of landscaped networks: palm tree rows, boulevards with trees... An orthogonal network reinforces the landscaped unity of this township rhythmed by parks, plazas, shade houses, gardens and a play of water and shadows. The seafront is a recreative destination, animated by marina activities and coastal walks. The high quality management of public spaces favours pedestrians, cyclists and the use of public transport.

Wadi Park extends over 2.5 km between the desert and the sea. Wadi means the small valley through which flows rare rainwater in Qatar. Starting from the arid desert, the water irrigates the oases and creates mangrove swamps upon reaching the seawater. Wadi Park expresses this transition from the desert to the sea, as it goes through these three eco-systems that define Qatar landscape. Visitors can discover Wadi Park in all its glory, while keeping its full integrity, thanks to marked out courses, information kiosks and an educational farm.

The “City-Park” concept emphasises the importance of public space and its landscape identity, in order to design the sustainable city that is to be made.

Client: Lusail Real Estate Development Company - Qatari Diar
Architect and urban designer: Architecture-Studio
Landscape designer: Michel Desvigne Paysagiste
Light artist: AIK - Yann Kersalé
Infrastructures Design: Artelia
Structure Engineering: RFR
Quantity surveyor: BWS
Assignment: Full design
Site area: 400 Ha
Competition: 2010, winner.
completion by phases, from 2011 till 2020.

Doha, Qatar

Design of public spaces

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