Le Restaurant Ouest de la Marina de Lusail

2012 / 2016

Lusail Marina Western Restaurant

Interior design / Hotels, Shops and Leisure

Restaurant and café, part of the Lusail Marina development program.

The Western restaurant marks the west access to Lusail Marina. At ground floor, it merges with the West Marina garden and palm trees while the upper floor is a flying cantilevered volume that opens toward the sea. The upper floor is more of a formal restaurant with a wide terrace opening towards Lusail’s seascape and Entertainment Island.

The upper and lower volumes are shaded by myriads of glittering stainless steel pearls, echoing the glittering surface of the sea. The pearls are assembled on tensed stainless steel cables evoking the world of yachting. The sunlight is filtered through these vibrant pearl curtains that dematerialize the volumes. The glittering pearl envelope of the Western restaurant, which is treated as the «fifth façade», provides an efficient and pleasant sun protection to the fully glazed façades and the roofs.

Under its cantilevered volume, and in an orchestrated harmony, appear the seascape, the landscaped promenade, the Marina, the iconic silhouette of the yacht Club in the background, and further on the glittering lantern of the Eastern restaurant. These two restaurants, which complement and respond to each other, answer the challenge of maximising the building transparency in hot climate and minimising the energy consumption.

Client: Lusail Real Estate Development Company
Architect: Architecture-Studio
Engineering: RFR
Quantity Surveyor: BWS
Floor Area: 683 sqm
Commissioned: 2012

Doha, Qatar

Lusail Marina Western Restaurant

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