Citadelle University

1987 / 1998

Citadelle University

Education & Research

University for 1,500 students including general and technological teaching (biochemistry and thermal engineering laboratories).

The Citadel University takes an active part in the landscape, or rather within an industrial geography, on the quay that is the pier of Citadel Island.

The allocated land included a former tobacco warehouse, symbolic of the harbour and of the history of the place. We have kept parts of it. The floors of the warehouse were destroyed in order to reveal the wooden structure and the existing volume. The newly created space was made available for the cultural activites of the university and of the city. Every single plot was used, including the aluminium roof, a smooth, unified cowling whose grey colour changes with the shades of the sky and curves down towards the street, on the city side.

From the harbour side, the facade takes over the alignment, the contextual size and something of its texture: it is covered with brick-coloured industrialised elements. The access to the University prolongs an existing street. A first extension was made in 1995 and a second one in 1998.

Client: Dunkerk Urban Community
Architect: Architecture-Studio
Engineering: Serete, O.T.H. Nord
Mission: M2 extended
Area: 15,000 sqm
Competition: 1987, winner
Completion: 1990-1998

Dunkerk, France

Citadelle University

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