Polyclinique AHNAC

2003 / 2007

AHNAC Polyclinic


Polyclinic of 205 beds

The new Divion Polyclinic represents a major stake for AHNAC. The combination of both Auchel’s Clinic and Bruay’s one, on the site of the Pendants de Calonne, is the occasion to render a brand new image revealing modernity, health care efficiency and the quality of the reception of patients.

The Polyclinic of Divion differs from the traditional monolithic aspect of medical buildings, in offering a reassuring and protecting image. Thus, the organisation of the building is dominated by the juxtaposition of two buildings’ typologies:
-The technical set, presented as an homogenous, compact base and lightened by a generous natural light, which expresses effectiveness by its simple but rigorous geometry,
-The housing building which facades reinforce the warm and peaceful characteristic.

The presence of many patios and light wells allows the diffusion of a natural lighting in every circulation spaces. Then, the reception hall is widely glazed on the driveway which contributes to lighten the place and render an impression of openness to the Polyclinic. Finally, the care unit is organised around a central care zone situated in the unit entrance, from which irradiate every rooms, limiting the distances for the health personnel. This optimal disposition allows, at the same time, care safety by a close supervision and health personnel comfort.

Contracting authority: AHNAC Group
Contractor: Rabot Dutilleul
Architect: Architecture-Studio
Engineering: SODEG
Assignment: design-and-build contract
Area: 24,000 sqm
Competition: 2003, winner
Completion: 2007

Divion, France

AHNAC Polyclinic

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