Nouvel hôpital

2005 / 2010

Eure-Seine Intercommunal Hospital Center


A 461-bed capacity hospital and a French National Blood Transfusion Establishment.

The Eure Seine Hospital stands out from the traditional monolithic aspect of hospital buildings thanks to the different parts of the building that rhythm the great tight curve of the facade, making it more relatable on a human scale. Punctuated by waves, its outline is easily identifiable and gently fits within the landscape.

This “landscaped hospital” smoothens out and softens the density imposed by the need for close proximities to medical processes, whether outside or inside. The entire hospital is bathed in natural ligh thanks to the landscaped patios. The building offers a comfortable, pleasant and friendly setting that patients, staff and visitors alike can enjoy.

The hospital will be organized in anticipation of future adaptable uses which is mainly the case for services that require great adaptability and regular upgrades.

Thanks to its design, the use of perennial materials as well as the high-performing technical equipment, this hospital center is able to offer sustainability and upgradeability in order to keep up with medical progress.

Client: Intercommunal hospital center Eure Seine
Architect: Architecture-Studio
Co-architect: AA Carpentier Decrette
General contractor: Quille
Engineer: Jacobs
Landscape designer: Babylone
Acoustics: Acoustique Vivié
Surface area: 52,800 sqm
Competition: 2005, winner
Completion: 2010

Evreux, France

Eure-Seine Intercommunal Hospital Center

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