Stade olympique de Guangdong

1998 / 1998

Olympic Stadium of Canton

Sports facilities

80,000 seat Olympic Stadium

The building of the Olympic Stadium of Guandong in the heart of the Olympic Centre clearly underlines the ambition of the Guangdong district in today’s China. The opening ceremonies of the National Games, as well as the 2008 Olympic Games, will take place here. The Olympic Stadium of Guandong has inspired from the millennium culture of China as well as from contemporary cutting-edge technologies. We aim at achieving a piece of work that will be a reference, thus giving the possibility to welcome and organise national and international sports or cultural events. The architectural style of the Olympic Stadium of Guandong, as well as its functional organisation and technical systems are multiple-use. It integrates and defines independent spaces meant for carrying out additional programmes.In all these specific spots, throughways, lanes and aisles also influence the sizing of the entire structure.

Client: Guangdong Physical Education & Sports Commission
Architect: Architecture-Studio
Scope of work: Standard
Area: 50,000 sqm
Competition: 1998, co-winner

Guangzhou, China

Olympic Stadium of Canton

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