AS.Architecture-Studio Villas Dayi

2006 / 2009

Dayi villas

Housing / Interior design

Two luxury villas

The two Dayi villas are situated in the northern part of Guangzhou. The villa area is bordered by a new high speed road to the west, and by the famous Bai Yun mountain to the east.

The two villas frame the landscape with a big open façade. The use of the façade is flexible. In summertime, by hot weather, the façade can be closed. The double-skin system preserves the interior from heat in summer and from cold in winter. This façade is treated differently in the two villas but procures similar environmental effects.

The two villas communicate through their shapes, orientation and the materials used. The facades are made out of stone: white stone for the south villa and gray for the north villa.

Both are located on the northern side of the site, so that the largest part of the garden is preserced on the southern side, facing Bai Yun mountain. These villas resemble artefacts; they appear like crystals spread over the landscape. The different kinds of trees existing site were kept and integrated within the landscape design.

Client: Group Zhongli Investissement
Architect: Architecture-Studio
Surface: 1,841 sqm
Commission: 2006
Delivery: 2009

Guangzhou, China

Dayi villas

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