Ispra laboratory

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2006 / 2012

Ispra laboratory

Office & Industry

Research complex dedicated to biotechnology, environment and security, as well as a building comprising meeting rooms, two restaurants and a cafeteria.

Ispra site in Lombardy, a former nuclear activity site, is now becoming a main location for the development of science and technologies. Three new research units, as well as a convention centre are located in the centre of the complex. The design of these buildings is based on sustainable principles and enables the use of the lake for energy purposes (heating and cooling systems).

Contracting authority: European Commission JRC DG
Architect: AS.Architecture-Studio
Scope of work: complete assignment, including environmental engineering
Engineering: Tekne spa, Hilson Moran Ltd
Area: 28,000 m2
Cost: € 63 M
Competition: 2006, winner
Completion: 2012

Ispra, Varèse, Italy

Ispra laboratory