Bastion Sud-Est Fort Numérique

2008 / 2013

Bastion Sud-Est


170 housings and a 200 place capacity parking lot

The Issy-les-Moulineaux Fort now has a new identity, that of a modern, attractive and sustainable district, harmoniously inscribed within its urban and historical context. The south-eastern bastion project aims to create 170 housings as well as a 200 space capacity parking lot.

The buildings of the south-eastern Bastion highlight the Fort’s presence within its environment and offer the largest panoramic view from its housings. From the 1st floor upwards, all the apartments have annex surfaces in the form of punctual balconies.
From the exterior, the facades are mostly composed of balconies: from the inside, the facades giving onto the courtyard are subject to different plans of approach: clear coated insulator or terracotta ware facing. The central courtyard is managed like an open public space, with a low fence creating a confined environment thanks to its closing system. The heart of the housing block is then considered as a circulation space, indeed a parking space.

The design is simple, efficient and sober, in line with the bastion’s architecture. Finally, from a landscape point of view, the inaccessible roof terraces are vegetated and the housings on the ground floor are extended thanks to private gardens that give the housing block an accessible and appeasing facet.

The project falls in an environmental approach of a low-energy house and aims to achieve the French certification of Habitat & Environment (profile A) as well as the Low-energy effinergie label. It falls in line with the eco-district design of the Issy Fort.

Client: Meunier Vinci
Architect: AS.Architecture-studio
Landscape designer : Meristème
Area: 10,500 sqm
Commission: 2008
Completion: 2013

Issy-les-Moulineaux, France

Bastion Sud-Est

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