Lycée du Futur

1986 / 1987

High school of the Future

Education & Research

Technological high school for 600 students, dedicated to technological and general teaching.

The High School of the Future is situated near Poitiers, in Le Parc du Futuroscope. A metal-clad triangle, the high school is made up of a discontinuous collection of symbols that form a unified whole, through a kind of playful consensus. It has the unequivocal visual simplicity of a giant toy: a kind of plane. It seems light and free.

The heart of the triangle, its center of gravity, is an elliptic courtyard surrounded by a red streaked concrete grid. A mechanism sets a «flying wing» in motion, a piece of the building moves to cover this inner courtyard.

The High School of the Future applies the principle of contrasts: stability and movement, mass and lightness, curves and straight lines, inside and outside, present and future.

Client : Région Poitou-Charentes
Architect : Architecture-Studio
Co-Architect : FX Désert
Engineering : Technip Seri
Assignment : Construction
Surface area : 19.000 sqm
Competition : 1986, winner
Completion : 1987

Jaunay-Clan, France

High school of the Future

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