Centre culturel

2010 / 2013

Jinan Cultural Center

Towers / Hotels, Shops and Leisure / Education & Research / Culture / Public facilities

A library, fine arts gallery, performing arts centre, shopping mall, tower comprising offices and a hotel.

Built at the heart of the new town surrounding the high-speed railway station in west Jinan, Shandong’s new capital city, the Cultural Centre comprises three major municipal buildings: the art gallery, the library and the mass art centre.

The fine arts gallery welcomes visitors on a beautiful landscaped square. This glass and marble gem is the first structure to be seen upon entering the Cultural Centre. Expected to become the new district’s beating heart, the square extends through the Cultural Centre by a passageway that leads to the building’s different components.

The performing arts centre hosts a 777-seat theater and rehearsal studios. This magnificent cultural centre also includes a shopping mall, a tower hosting a hotel, office buildings and 2000 car parking spaces.

The marble and glass museum facade is cut like a diamond. The main building has a double-skin; an inner, grey mirrored elevation and an outer elevation of perforated aluminium plates whose composition evokes the form of the fountain in Jinan. This double facade provides sustainable building management by daylight and internal temperature control.

Client: Jinan West Zone Construction Investment Co.,Ltd
Architect: Architecture-Studio
Engineering: CCDI, Shandong Tongyuan Design Group Co.,Ltd
Structure: MAP3
Facade engineer: Schemidlin
Lighting designer : Georges Berne : 8’18’’
Mission: full design
Surface Area: 380,000 sqm
Competition: 2010
Completion: 2013 (phase 1)
                    2020 (phase 2)

Jinan, China

Jinan Cultural Center

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