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2007 / 2008

"Grand Kabul" Project

Urban planning

This project expects the construction of a new city. This city will shelter, in the future, three million inhabitants on the site of Deh Sabz (40 ,000 ha). The site adjoins the northern limits of Kabul.

Architecture-Studio and its partners won the international competition for the conceptual design for the new city of Deh Sabz. This competition was launched by the Afghan Government in May 2007.

The years of conflict of Afghanistan have caused important migrations. It has been estimated that 30% the population left the country or moved to different parts of the interior of the country. After the fall of the Taliban regime in 2002, around three million Afghan expatriates returned to their country. The population of Kabul has changed. There were 700,000 inhabitants in 1980. The city was planned for this population. In 2007, more than four millions inhabitants lived there. This represents considerable over-population and consequently an alarming deterioration of living conditions.

The construction of the new city will ensure access to both social and hygiene facilities for the Kabuli people. Over a secondary period of construction, the renovation of the centre of Kabul city will be established. Architecture-Studio will apply a highly sustainable approach. This will preserve the natural resources of the metropolis for the years to come. It is amid these very difficult circumstances, that the Grand Kabul project embodies the will of the Afghan government and its determination to act in the interest of its people. It also aims at promoting their geo-strategic role between the major powers in the area, such as India, China and Iran.

Contracting Authority: Afghan Government
Architect and urban designer: Architecture - Studio
Engineering: Composante Urbaine
Other partners: Eaux de Paris, Partenaires Développement, DEERNS (Holland), Franor, Certu
Assignment: Conceptual Design
Site area: 40,000 ha
International Competition: May 2007(winner)
Urban design studies: 2007-2008

Kabul, Afghanistan

"Grand Kabul" Project

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