L\'avenue du roi Abdul Aziz

2002 / 2005

King Abdul Aziz Road Masterplan

Urban planning

Urban planning and design for public spaces, intermodality, residential buildings.

The King Abdul Aziz Road is an exceptional project in an exceptional site. Stretching from west to east towards the Haram, this Gateway Avenue embodies the injunction of the Qur’an «from any place you leave, turn your face towards the Sacred Mosque».

The King Abdul Aziz Road will become an emblem that symbolizes the Pilgrim’s path for the entire Muslim community. With the added historical and religious dimension that suits the holy city, the project aims to transform the road into a landmark avenue such as: the Champs-Elysées, Fifth Avenue, Las Ramblas. The heart of King Abdul Aziz Road will not only beat to the rhythm of daily urban life but also to that of the Hajj, the Umrah and the various religious celebrations.

A correct balance is achieved through the incorporation of a rapid transit system, an efficient public transport service, urban collectors and local streets as well as pedestrian paths that structure inter-modality and flows of information whilst creating pleasant public spaces and peacefulness for pilgrim meditation.

Client: Millennium Development Company
Architect & urban designer: Architecture-Studio
Assignment: Full conception to detailed master plan, and architectural expression 
Site Area: 294 Ha
Competition: 2002, Winner
Urban design studies: 2003-2005

Makkah, Saudi Arabia

King Abdul Aziz Road Masterplan

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