King Abdallah Mosque

2004 / 2004

King Abdallah Mosque

Culture / Public facilities

Mosque and plaza for 20 000 pilgrims, ablution complex, convention center.

The King Abdallah Mosque and its surrounding plazasform a devotional space ready to welcome 20,000 people, located 2km only from Islam’s Central Mosque, the Haram with the Kaaba. It is situated at the center of a 4 km long boulevard, King Abdul Aziz Road, that links Makkah’s third ring road to the first ring road. The Mosque’s elements are set on three architectural scales.  
The 120 meter high minarets show the way and path toward the Haram; The double-shell cupola offers a 65 meter-high set view on the surroundings; the 156 m by 156 m platform serves as a link between the project’s scales. Therefore, it is linked to the new buildings following King Abdul Aziz Road, to the Umm Al Qura Avenue and to the new Makkah Central Park. A convention center is built beneath the Mosque, and is dedicated to the diffusion of religious science.

Contractor: Millennium Development
Architect: Architecture-Studio
Area: 80,000 m2
Competition: winner in 2004

Makkah, Saudi Arabia

King Abdallah Mosque

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