School of Fine Arts and Architecture, Le Port

1999 / 2002

School of Fine Arts & Architecture

Education & Research

School for 100 students including lecture theatre, library and restaurant

The project for the School of Fine Arts and Architecture distinguishes itself through a dynamic aesthetic, which enhances this educational programme.

The school is an identifiable marker on a scale with the urban territory. It confirms its presence through its energy and homogeneity. It is the point of synergy and exchange protected by an aluminium skin, which filters the light and allows the natural ventilation of the premises.
This design responds to the particular constraints of the climate of La Reunion. Its aerodynamic shape and type of facade allows the regulation of light and temperature, favoring the fluid flow of the wind.

The core of the project, its starting point, is the open space it creates with the media library. The project is structured around the junction of the axis of the land and that of the media library. The symmetrical layout reinforces the future urban axis directed toward the sea.

The evocation of the sea is confirmed through simultaneously gentle and powerful shapes ; two waves which house the two centres of the whole facilities.

Contracting authority: City of Port, Port local authority
Architect: Architecture-Studio
Co-architect: Agence Delcourt
Engineering: OTH Développement
Scope of work: complete assignment
Area: 2,600 sqm
Competition: 1999, winner
Completion: 2002

Le Port, La Réunion, France

School of Fine Arts & Architecture

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