Development of Western Harbour, Le Port

1999 / 2001

Western Port Master Plan

Urban planning

Renovation of port services, recreational buildings, economic and cultural zones, as well as housing of different kinds.

The renovation of Pointe-des-Galets Harbour is an ambitious project that provides hopeful prospects for the city. It is a reclamation of unused space that is prevalent through many harbour cities throughout the world.

The urban tissue and social fabric demand a complete change of the environment. While they indicate that change is necessary, they also provide the physical and symbolic support for the organization of this transformation.

The site is now disconnected to the rest of the city. With a close proximity to the centre and an exceptional view of the port itself, the site promises a strong economic future. The project intends to create an urban environment to support port services, recreational, economic and cultural activities, and hotels. As an attractive mode of city life, it participates to the revitalization of La Ville du Port.

While looking forward, the project also remembers the past. The ambition of the project is to provide a bright new future that will bring the Ville du Port back to the status it had at the end of the 19th century.

Client: Ville du Port
Architect: Architecture-Studio
Co-architect: JF. Delcourt
Mission: Standard
Surface: 5 ha
Competition:1999, lauréat
Completion: 2001

La Réunion, France

Western Port Master Plan

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