Regional covered stadium and sports centre

2004 / 2009

Regional covered stadium

Sports facilities

Rehabilitation and extension of the Regional Covered Stadium and the Regional Training Centre

The international renown of the athletics competition in Liévin contributes to the symbol of excellence embodied by this sports venue. Beyond this remarkable yearly event, the restructuring of the Covered Stadium in Liévin takes into account the technical work that precedes any sports performance.

Our project is a contemporary showcase for this facility, while preserving the memory of the place. The project is oriented according to two main axes: the enhancement of the existing building and the creation of a new «unifying» building that meets new functional and image requirements.

We have considered daily life, the layout quality, functional rigour, as well as user-friendly areas for the entire sports-teaching-leisure cluster, which is also a unique cluster in Europe. This unique site was meant to become a unified equipment.

The drawn bow is one of its main features; it frames public areas and becomes a dominating landmark. The architectural and urban design are set according to a north-south axis, underlined by this structuring spine that is declined under various project scales: urban cohesion, layout of interior circulations, architectural dimension...

Contracting authority: City of Liévin
Client's representative: Artois Développement
Lead architect: Architecture-Studio
Co-architect: ARC-AME
Engineering: L. Choulet, Khephren
Scenography: J.P. Chabert
Acoustics: AVA
Quantity surveyor: ECO CITES
Scope of work: complete assignment
Area: 21,000 sqm
Competition: 2004, winner
Completion: 2009

Liévin, France

Regional covered stadium

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