1999 / 1999


Sports facilities

45,000 seat stadium for Morocco's qualification for the 2006 Football Worldcup, a 2,000 m2 press centre and car parks

Meknes stadium is a symbol. Its huge bay windows open the arena onto the world whilst offering the world the chance to see Meknes.
The arena standing out of the stone disk and the outline of the roof are its signature. The circle, a symbol of the community, and the oval, a figure of the sport communion in the arena, are the geometrical shapes of its symbolic system. The stone and earthen base recalls the history of Meknes, an ancient imperial city with somptuous palaces, ramparts and huge gateways.

To the West, the metalic and perfectly flat plane cover that overhangs the tribunes is suspended to big masts that draw out an air outline: a technological sign. The podium and the stairs of the stadium function like a huge square and offer the necessary space for shops, restaurants and hotels.

The roof goes beyond the belvedere in order to bring shade and coolness. Besides, the outstanding structure and the two wide windows allowing for air circulation in the arena will transform the Meknes Stadium into a reference stadium. This project expresses beautiful architecture that will be “lived” daily.

Contracting authority: Kingdom of Morocco, Meknès Urban Community
Architect: Architecture-Studio
Co-architects: Taoufik el Oufir, J.P Ferry
Scope of work: Standard
BUA: 13,270 sqm
Cost: € 24,39 M
Competition: 1999, winner

Meknes, Morocco


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