Park Avenue

2003 / 2010

Parc Marianne mixed development zone, housing area - sector 7


2 apartment buildings of 16 flats each and a common underground car park area.

The Municipality of Montpellier has decided to balance the land use of the Port Marianne mixed development zone within the town’s borders. It also aims at extending the Antigone urbanization towards the seaside. Architecture-Studio designed 32 flats shared out into 2 apartment buildings made up of 5 floors each. They will be connected through a common underground car park area. The building base has a minimum height of 5 meters, is made up of raw concrete and will link the 2 buildings together. It will also create some kind of unity inside the area and bear the entrance halls. The setback of the ground and fifth floors breaks the facade line; a continuous balcony is thus created at these levels. Architects have also intended to offer wide views onto Parc Marianne through large terraces. A pergola protects the southern facade against sunrays and then bends onto the roofing. Not only does the pergola reduce the solar impact on both buildings, it also contributes to the creation of a common style for this mixed development area. Both buildings must emphasize green areas and adapt to their immediate environment, as they are surrounded by a park and the Lirode gardens. Thus, Architecture-Studio has taken into account the eco-friendly approach when choosing materials. These buildings have natural colour wooden facades which suitably integrate into the mixed development area’s style. The setbacks of the ground and fitfh floors are tin-made. These floors are thus different from the rest of the building and benefit from natural protection agains sunrays.

Client: Pragma
Architect: Architecture-Studio
Engineering: Choulet, Per Ingenierie
Assignment: on a public contract basis
Surface: 3 160 sqm
Consultancy: won in 2003
Deliver: 2010
Prize: 2009 Grand Prix Bleu Ciel d’EDF

Montpellier, France

Parc Marianne mixed development zone, housing area - sector 7

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