Nouvelle Ligne

2010 / 2013

Nouvelle Ligne


60-units Residential buildings and parkings

The Nouvelle Ligne building reinforces the new urban dynamic of Port Marianne-Parc Marianne area in Montpellier.

Its volumetry is made of three main elements: the base, the body, and the attic. Each housing unit is open to the outside and the Parc Marianne neighbourhood thanks to wide balconies. The facade acts as a screen wall, which provides both handrails and sunshades. This active facade allows a play of shadows and lights and creates a chromatic work that highlights the volumes.

Well-being is the key element of the project. The facades improve the living spaces through their luminous qualities. Their thickness and design provide a sustainable thermal regulation system, in line with the BBC label objective (low-energy consumption building). A set of solar panels is also hidden in the vegetalized edges of the roof.

Client: Bouygues Immobilier
Architect: Architecture-Studio
Fuild Engineering: Louis Choulet
Structure Engineering: PER Ingenierie
Economist and HQE: Eco-Cités
Surface area: 4 300 m²
Competition: 2010, laureate
Completion: 2013

Montpellier, France

Nouvelle Ligne

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