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2003 / 2018

Parc Marianne urban development area

Urban planning

Development of public areas, building design coordination: 2.000 housings, 20,000 sqm of offices, 6.000 sqm of retail.

The purpose of the project is to define a new district, meant to become the new city centre of Montpellier. Together with a high-quality public realm, several types of buildings have been developed. These buildings vary according to their layouts and positions, and feature various densities. All along the avenues, the buildings create a compact built area, punctuated with businesses and visual perspectives that open the district onto the city. On the park side, the buildings are terrace-shaped and offer various views onto the large green areas. The project also includes :
- the urban design of Raymond Dugrand avenue,
- the development of Lironde and Lez river banks,
- the enhancement and prolongation of the new city hall axis down to the Odysseum district.
A charter has been implemented in order to enforce the sustainable development of the district.

Contracting authority: City of Montpellier
Operation manager: SERM
Architect & urban designer: Architecture-Studio
Co-architect: Imagine
Landscape designer: Traverses
Engineering: Egis France
Assignment: Full conception to detailed master plan, and architectural expression
Urban definition study, Creation of the urban development area, Development of public areas, Architectural coordination
Site area: 20 Ha
Competiton: 2003
Completion by phases: 2010-2018 
Awards: “Ecoquartier 2011”Global Ecological Approach Category
“Best Landscape Silver Award 2014”
“Ecoquartier 2015” Label

Montpellier, France

Parc Marianne urban development area

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