AS.Architecture-Studio Guy Dolmaire secondary school MRC1

1999 / 2004

Guy Dolmaire Secondary School

Education & Research

Secondary school with a wooden structure built according to sustainable design criteria for 800 pupils including teaching premises, a documentation and information centre, sports premises, an astronomical observatory, five housing facilities, a restaurant seating 300 people.

The project has a strong unitary image, visible in its urban and natural environment, throughout its soft monumentality. It is open, welcoming and human thanks to the quality of its spaces, the warmth of the wood. In winter, the interior air volume is heated by the solar rays crossing the glass facade. In summer, great glass pannels can be opened, allowing an effective natural ventilation, which, together with the «parasol « effect of the roofing, shelters from the heat. Under the wing of this large roof, the project is organised as an educational village with a frame of living open on nature. Orthogonal volumes that gather the premises by type of teaching or services punctuate the area.

Contracting authority: General Council of Vosges department
Lead architect: Architecture-Studio
Co-architect: O. Paré
Engineering: Choulet, Sylva Conseil, BETMI
Acoustics: AVA
Quantity surveyor: Lucigny et Talhouet
Signage: Gavrinis
Scope of work: complete assignment
Area: 10,000 sqm
Competition: 1999, winner
Completion: 2004
Prizes: Observ'ER prize for "Tertiary buildings"  2006, Solar Habitat Today's Habitat" competition 2005-2006, Wooden Building Prize for a Collective Building 2006, Special Mention of the Green Ribbon for environmental excellence 2007.

Mirecourt, France

Guy Dolmaire Secondary School

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