Extension of the city stadium

1995 / 1995

Extension of the city stadium

Sports facilities

Extension and public code compliance for the 60, 000-seat city stadium, so that it can welcome the 1998 Football World Cup

The programme suggested to maintain most of the existing stands. We have decided to keep only the western stand and to add a new one. We have also suggested to close the arena the nearest possible to the game area in order to guarantee visual comfort and the quality of the atmosphere.

The project is also part of a larger urban rehabilitation programme. We have decided to redefine the borders of the three units of the site:
- All the exhibition area buildings are to be inserted into the original perimeter. The building density will thus be higher.
- The surroundings of the stadium will be given a real urban status. They will be part of an overall setting which will be able to link the eastern district to the western one. The new stadium’s function will be enhanced : it will be both a major facility and an urban linchpin.
- The overall sports area will be made coherent by developing and integrating facilities and adjusting borders.
- An essential junction role will be assigned to vegetation, which will link together several units of the complex and define connections..

Client: Ville de Marseille, Société du Métro de Marseille
Architect: Architecture-Studio
Associated Architect: Jean-Michel Battesti
Landscape: Atelier I. Linski
Mission: On a public contract basis
Competition: 1995

Marseille, France

Extension of the city stadium

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