Hôpital Sainte-Marguerite

2004 / 2007

Sainte-Marguerite Hospital


Psychiatry unit of 115 beds.

The new psychiatry unit located according to the natural slope of the land, offers a great quality of life, not only for its patients but also for doctors, staff and visitors.

The building re-introduces the necessary and calming balance between built spaces and outdoor spaces. Living spaces and circulation areas all have a view onto the surrounding landscape. Architectural style is in line with the garden; this is also achieved through the use of timeless and living materials : planted roofs, terracotta panel-insulating cladding and traditional coating for the facades.

Access ways are clearly differentiated in order to avoid crowding. Circulations are simple, legible and of quality. Consultation rooms and teaching premises are located away from the hospitalisation area, and yet still at the heart of the project.

The building is organised on a human scale, with various spaces that help patients find their social references again. The logic of confinement is overrun thanks to spaces open onto the outside. Users go through segmented spaces, as well as collective and lively spaces, in order to reach accommodation and medical care units.

Contracting authority: Marseille Hospitals Public Assistance
Architect: Architecture-Studio
Engineering: Sechaud Bâtiment Méditerranée
Quantity surveyor: Eco Cités
Scope of work: complete assignment
Area: 13,000 sqm
Competition: 2004, winner
Completion: 2006

Marseille, France

Sainte-Marguerite Hospital

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