Ambassade Française

1986 / 1989

French Embassy

Public facilities

French Embassy including consular services, chancellor’s office and the Embassador’s residence.

The building is modern, but refers nevertheless to the Arab tradition and to the national exigence of its preservation. Monument of an institution, it also reveals softness, shadows and light qualities and the intimicy of a palace. Most of the ground is covered with a net of perforated concrete, horizontal transposition of the moucharabieh, this worked sun-breaker that Arabic culture weaves in front of its windows. From this inclined cover emerges the ambassador’s residency and the chancellery buildings, crowned by a cupola. the slope of the moucharabieh warps perspectives, a device amplified by the leaning grid that divides the windows into arcades on the upper level. Underneath lies an untreated concrete colonnade, a monochrome half-light spalshed
with the bright colours diffused by stained glass windows. In the middle, the grid is broken lengthwise, concentrating the dramatic point of view on the main axis. A long basin accompanies this perspective that evokes a faljah, the trickle of water that refreshes palaces and garden, which collects the streaming water on the moucharabieh. The water, chiaroscuro and air flow create natural air conditioning at ground level. The upper levels of the building are roughly chiselled, dazzlingly white marble in the burning light.

Client: Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Architect: Architecture-Studio
Engineer: Technip
Mission: M1
Area: 4,600 sqm
Competition: 1986, prize-winner
Completion: 1989


French Embassy

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