Palazzo Nice Méridia

2016 / 2019

Palazzo Nice Méridia

Office & Industry / Towers

Offices and retails in a 9-storey wooden structure building.

Located on the former agricultural land of the Plaine du Var site, the Nice Méridia project proposes a soft mutation of the territory, between city and nature. Established in this age-old landscape, the Palazzo Nice Méridia is part of a global and innovative sustainable approach.

The metallic exoskeleton of the building acts like a screen and supports the peripheral vertical circulations; the tree-like structure of its outer skin rises towards the sky. The wooden structure allows to build this 9-storey building. Wood is also a predominant element inside the building: interior spaces are open and reversible thanks to large floor plates offering multiple circulations and arrangements. The terraces are imagined as "Third Places", open and multifunctional: the idea is to create new ways of working, exchanging, sharing, and meeting.

The building base offers transparencies which create a direct link with the city and the local urban life. The green elements punctuating the periphery of the building are reminders of the Plaine du Var agricultural past, and merge the building with the landscape.

Standing out as an architectural and urban signal, the Palazzo Nice Méridia is an openwork monolith which marks the intersection of Avenue Simone Veil and the city green axis.

This eco-responsible and modern project will become one of the cornerstones of Nice Méridia urban development, embodying new values and usages, as well as environmental awareness.

Client: Nexity Ywood
Planner: EPA Eco-Vallée Plaine du Var
Architect: Architecture-Studio
Landscape design: Tangram
Height: 35-m high, nine-storey building
Surface area: 8,000 sqm
Cost: 16 M Euros
Competition: 2016, winner
Completion: 2019

Nice, France

Palazzo Nice Méridia

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