Village des pèlerins

2013 / 2014

Pilgrim Village

Culture / Public facilities

An 80 000-capacity mosque and annex facilities

The pilgrim village will give the Muslim community of N’Djamena and that of Chad as a whole, a praying and gathering space of great magnitude. This place of worship will also serve as a leading cultural space, with modern facilities and several multipurpose areas for education, leisure activities, and a reception area for all: students, worshippers or just simple visitors.

The project is inscribed within the urban and preexistent human context, creating an organic link between the city and its inhabitants. The project is in harmony with the site’s core components and its surrounding. Speaking strictly in terms of architecture, the mosque and the pilgrim village must be meaningful to Chad. The country’s existing construction culture that includes the use of vaults and domes for building houses, as well the expression of the Muslim culture in Africa through the different architectures of mosques in the Maghreb, Mali and Burkina-Faso were important factors kept in mind when designing the architecture.

The complex will be accessible by public transport, buses notably; it will also welcome a great number of motorists, thanks to its parking lots located at the extreme ends (north and south) of the site.

At the crossroad between two dimensions, one spiritual and the other terrestrial, the pilgrim village and the mosque will thus mark the dynamism of a great African nation. Designed to welcome a great number of worshippers, the site will provide essential meditation areas on top of the efficiency provided by a modern and functional architecture.

Client: Permanent commitee in charge of pilgrimage organisation
Architect: Architecture-Studio
Surface: 88 495 m²
Mission: Concept design
Commission: 2013

N’Djamena, Tchad

Pilgrim Village

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