1999 / 1999


Sports facilities

45 000 seat stadium for the application of Marocco for the 2006 Football Worldcup, 2000 m2 press centre and car parks.

Nador Stadium, located on the Karkhana site, inspires itself from the lagoon of Sebkha Bou Areg and its proximity with the Mediteraneen Sea.
From the lagoon, it refers to a bow. From the sea, it captures its presence.
This reference to the bent bow engendered the geometrical design of the stadium.
Around the playing ground, first continuous ring, the project puts forward the two stands overlapped with each other in the crescent shaped enclosure of the stadium, the terraces with a curved layout and the arena sightly dug in the site. The gardens of the enclosure of the stadium extend into lawned turns, the two bows allowing to cover the principal stand with a web shaped as a leaf.
The arena stages the sportive spectacle in an extraordinary site in offering a panoramic view of the city, the sea and the Oriental Rif chain.
All this aesthetic based on dynamic lines participates to give to the Stadium of Nador a real space catalyst.

Client: Royaume du Maroc, Communauté urbaine de Nador
Architect: Architecture-Studio
Associated Architects: Taoufik el Oufir, J.P Ferry
Mission: Normal
Surface: 13 250 m²
Competition: 1999, prize-winner

Nador, Morocco


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