*BRBR*Masterplan of Sainte-Anne hospital centre

2001 / 2002

Master plan of Sainte-Anne Hospital

Healthcare / Urban planning

Architectural main outline scheme, museum and convention centre

Sainte-Anne is a historical site of 13 hectares located at the heart of Paris, which has gone through many transformations since its foundation around 1870, mainly due to the evolution of psychiatry and the emergence and development of Neurosciences. Today, Sainte-Anne has kept most of its original architecture by Questel but the clarity and the coherence of the center have been altered, due to successively added buildings and piece-by-piece transformations. But despite this evolution, its past asylum image still persists, and it was more than time to change it all.
The new synergy with the city is visible thanks to the new outline scheme , which has linked both the city and the hospital’s stakeholders, in order to better express the public idea of health stakes. One project over the ten to fifteen years to come requires the development of a progressive process which will transform Sainte-Anne without slowing down its activity.

Contracting authority: Centre Hospitalier Sainte Anne
Architect: Architecture-Studio
Engineering: Choulet, APOR
Scope of work: masterplan
Developed area: 13 ha (built area: 45,000 sqm)
Competition: 2001, winner
Completion: 2002

Paris, France

Master plan of Sainte-Anne Hospital

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