Réhabilitation du secteur Est du campus de Jussieu

2008 / 2015

Rehabilitation of the eastern sector of Jussieu campus

Public facilities / Education & Research / Rehabilitation

Asbestos removal and restructuring of the University of Paris VI-UPMC (Pierre and Marie Curie) comprising research laboratories (Chemistry, Physics, Electrochemistry, Chemistry of materials, Molecular chemistry, Theoretical chemistry, Biology and Biochemistry), teaching areas, student life cluster, convention centre for research, 500-seat amphitheatre, university library.

Jussieu Campus represents a major Parisian amenity, both by the quality of scientific teaching performed in its universities and by the site dimension itself. The site scale can be compared to that of the Invalides or Louvre Museum; thus, this university cluster is the largest one in France and some of the largest in Europe.

Thanks to its size and rigorous geometry applied on the scale of a whole district, as well as its typology and its works of art, Jussieu Campus can be considered as a symbolic archetype for the decade of the seventies.

Our intervention on the eastern sector will represent the achievement of the global rehabilitation process for the campus. This urban cluster will thus once again become a reference point in the urban geography of Paris’s eastern districts.

In order to provide it with this new perspective, Edouard Albert’s architecture must be emphasized. Its exceptional urban character, both homogeneous and autonomous, must be reinforced. The campus must open onto the city. The site will be planted and thus its mineral features will result softened.
The opening of the site will be one of the main stakes of this rehabilitation project. Strong links with the city will be created. The treatment of the campus surroundings, which started in the eastern sector, will be subject to a global thinking process for the whole site.

Contracting authority: EPA Jussieu
Architect: AS.Architecture Studio
Engineering: SETEC, T/E/S/S, Vulcaneo, Planitec, Eco-Cités
Landscape: Michel Desvigne
Assignment: Architectural and urban rehabilitation study
Competition: 2008
Completion: 2015
Program: Architectural and technical guidelines

Paris, France

Rehabilitation of the eastern sector of Jussieu campus

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