AS.Architecture-Studio Ecole supérieure de commerce Novancia PAMOI1

2006 / 2011

Novancia Business School

Rehabilitation / Office & Industry / Education & Research

Restructuring and extension of the business school and construction of a mixed-use complex which includes 3 amphitheatres (2 70-seat amphitheatres and 1 90-seat amphitheatre), a 300-seat auditorium, a film set, food and beverage areas, and an independent office building.

The Novancia Business School in Paris dates back to 1908 but the edifice needed a new identity. The modern features of the project extension thus enhance the 1908’s heritage building while preserving the original construction and the whole ensemble harmoniously blends with the whole neighbourhood. Contrasting with the steady and rough bricks of the 1908’s building, the extension has a smooth, dynamic and kinetic energy. Its shape follows a Haussmann-inspired layout and results from the will to open the islet onto the urban space.

The contemporary aspect of the project perfectly completes the historic part of the building, both strengthening each other and expressing the idea of evolution. The building has a simplified outline and glazed facades composed of mobile vertical coloured shutters. They control solar gain according to the seasons. From the outside, different viewing angles create varied perceptions: depending on the shutters’ opening degree, the building seems closed when seen from afar and transparent when standing next to it. User-friendly indoor areas have clear and easily legible circulations and spaces set around a main atrium. The classrooms and offices areas lead into the central atrium via a series of open galleries, and the auditoriums and cafeteria are also directly connected to this atrium, which in truly dedicated to social interaction. The atrium is also the main foyer, a vertical and horizontal buffer space and a transition zone from older to contemporary times.

Contracting authority: Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Paris
Architect: Architecture-Studio
Engineering: Arcoba
Quantity surveyor: Eco Cités
HEQ approach: Eco Cités
Acoustics: Acoustique Vivié
Assignment: Full design & work supervision
Surface area: 22,360 sqm (including parking)
Competition: 2006, winner
Completion: 2011

Paris, France

Novancia Business School

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