Maison de Radio France

2005 / 2014

La Maison de la Radio - Grand Auditorium

Rehabilitation / Interior design / Public facilities / Culture

Rehabilitation of an existing occupied facility comprising general renovation, rearrangement of the circulation, creation of a public concourse, an interior street, a 1,461-seat auditorium and a 700-space underground car park, as well as the landscaping of exterior areas.

Architecture-Studio’s project for la Maison de la Radio retained the uniqueness of the building within a redesigned, landscaped space. The transformation project entails the construction of a 1461-seat symphony hall, highlight of the rehabilitation programme.

Its construction fits coherently into the overall plan at the intersection of new public areas that take advantage of the vast, glazed foyers that open onto the Seine. Architecture-Studio chose a «music-centred» hall and adapted to the limited space by developing a vertical volume where balconies are superimposed. The 1,461 auditorium seats are distributed around the orchestra in small blocks, a layout that brings the audience close to the stage in proximity to the orchestra. The greatest distance between the audience and the stage is about 17 meters.
To ensure outstanding acoustics, Architecture-Studio enlisted the skills of the noted acoustics engineer Yasu Toyota of Nagata Acoustics for both the final geometry as well as the quality of linings on each wall. Comparable in size to the largest contemporary international venues (22m wide and 15m deep), the stage is composed of 18 modular lift tables able to accommodate 120 musicians and adapt to various orchestra configurations. In the centre of the hall above the choir stalls, timber walls open slightly to reveal the monumental organ designed by Gerhard Grenzing.

Architecture-Studio shares Radio France’s ambition to give a new dimension to this iconic building. The architectural project makes the Maison de la Radio more responsive to changes in its activities by revitalizing its use and image.

Contracting authority: Radio France
Architect: Architecture-Studio
Engineering: Jacobs
Quantity surveyor: Eco Cités
Facade: TESS
Scenography: Changement à vue
Acoustic: Nagata acoustics
Landscape: Michel Desvigne
Lighting designer: 8’18’’
Competition: 2005, winner
Completion: 2014

Paris, France

La Maison de la Radio - Grand Auditorium

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