Restructuration de la Maison de la Radio

2005 / 2017

Restructuring La Maison de la Radio

Interior design / Public facilities / Office & Industry / Culture / Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation of an existing occupied facility comprising general renovation, rearrangement of the circulation, creation of a public concourse, an interior street, a 1,461-seat auditorium and a 700-space underground car park, as well as the landscaping of exterior areas.

Overall, the Maison de la Radio needed to redefine its unity and to assemble its various functions. Architecture-Studio’s project rearranged the circulation and improved the legibility of spaces whilst conserving Henri Bernard’s original architecture. The scheme effectively connects the centre of the building to its periphery, with a unifying, common space in the centre of the building: the agora. Located within the courtyard of the inner-ring and covered with a glazed canopy, the agora includes a space for temporary exhibitions, a cafeteria and an open radio studio. The agora connects to the existing grand hall by a new circulation artery: the nave. In addition to this new internal street, four new glazed 32-metre long footbridges connect the outer and inner rings on the fifth floor.
The building is placed within a large garden through the creation of a 700-place underground car park. Both a square and public park, the landscaping was designed with Michel Desvigne.
The transformation project entails the construction of a 1,461-seat symphony hall, highlight of the rehabilitation program, which was inaugurated in November 2014. The project also comprises the rehabilitation of the 840-seat «Studio 104» concert hall, the creation of workspaces in the former archive tower and new production and broadcasting studios, at the cutting edge of technology.
Architecture-Studio shares Radio France’s ambition to give a new dimension to this iconic building. The architectural project makes the Maison de la Radio more responsive to changes in its activities by revitalizing its use and image.

Contracting authority: Radio France
Architect: Architecture-Studio
Engineering: Jacobs
Quantity surveyor: Eco Cités
Facade: TESS
Scenography: Changement à vue
Acoustic: Nagata acoustics
Landscape: Michel Desvigne
Lighting designer: 8’18’’
Competition: 2005, winner
Completion: 2017

Paris, France

Restructuring La Maison de la Radio

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